Upgrading from Sols 5.3s--Sonatina maybe

Hi Looking to move up from my Soliloquy 5.3s. Ive seen quite a few Silverline Sonatinas available which may not be a very good sign. Any comments or suggestions? BTW, Im using an Atmasphere S30 so the speaker must be efficient and have a nominal 8 ohm load. Price range- less than $3000 new/used. TIA Emil
Emil - I have a Transcendent Sound 25wt OTL which has been driving my Proac Response 2.5s for about 6 months now. I do have a small room (11 x 13.60 but I get more than enough volume and dynamics. I've had my Proacs for almost four years and they are quite special. Full range, at least in my room, deep bass, extended highs, etc., but most improtant of all, they make real music. I've driven them with 150wt tubes (Mesa Baron) and 20wt SETs (Cary 572SEs) and they have sounded wonderful with them all. If you can find a used pair for $3,000.00 or less ($4,500 new) then please consider it.
I see one Coincident Eclipse on Audiogon for 2500(4k new)? Must audition! These are the spec's:Frequency Response: 28hz - 35khz Impedance: 14 ohms ( never dropping below 10 ) Sensitivity: 92 db @ 1m -1 watt Power Requirements: 7 watts - 300 watts Dimensions: 42" H x 8" W x 16" D Weight: 92 lbs ea.
I've enjoyed my Sonatinas since January, i've not regreted getting them at all. I'm driving with a VAC 32 (wpc) triode amp with killer Mullard/Amperex n.o.s. tubes and Shunyata Viper v2 power cord. The sonatinas- like all good speakers - are revealing of upstream problems; bad power or source and you'll hear poor sound. they are not analytical though like a Thiel, they have soft dome midrange/hi frequency drivers that IMO make for a smooth sound. Lot slam-fest speakers, more ethereal in nature. The Pro Ac's are great speakers too, but I like mine better. Good luck. Mike