Upgrading from Sonus Farmer Venere 3.0

I’d appreciate feedback on speakers to consider for upgrading my speakers. Pure 2 channel system run by McIntosh MC302 solid state amp rated 300 watts for 2,4 or 8 ohms.  I like my speakers and recognize my turntable and speakers are my weak links. 
Listen to a variety of music (rock, jazz and pop) - more Jimi Hendrix, LED Zeppelin than Spyro Gyra or Manhattan Transfer.  Will play music loader than most whether it’s Black Sabbath War Pigs or Pink’s Give me a Reason. 
15x20 foot listening area.... open floor plan with high ceilings
sound treatments via carpet window coverings and seating

Budget $10k...
Previously considered B&W 805D3 and PSB Towers.  
I don’t know what I don’t know regardless manufacturers.
For the type of music you listen to and the volume at which you listen, I’d choose the ATC SCM40 v2 hands down. Usually $7k new, Music Direct has an open box pair for $5295 that’d be well worth considering. I had the Venere 2.5 in my system on demo, and as good as they are the SCM40s will absolutely blow them away — especially if you like to crank the volume. Just buy’em. You’ll be thrilled beyond words, and you’ll have $$$ left over to upgrade your TT.  Bonus!!!
Persona 3f might mate with mac gear
used Usher be20dmd would rock with half that power.
The ATC mentioned abofe
JBL makes some compression drivers with 15'' woofers sound fun

These threads always devolve to everybody posting how their speakers are the best and you need to try them. Have fun and buy smart so resale covers the cost of shipping or things get expensive pretty quick.

Intriguing...yet not compelling.  Need is a strong word and if there was a way that was possible I'd consider it.

Can you provide any details such specifications and logistics for listening?
Thanks for the suggestion - ATC wasn't on my radar!

Thank you too...Usher and Persona weren't on my radar either.