Upgrading from Sonus Farmer Venere 3.0

I’d appreciate feedback on speakers to consider for upgrading my speakers. Pure 2 channel system run by McIntosh MC302 solid state amp rated 300 watts for 2,4 or 8 ohms.  I like my speakers and recognize my turntable and speakers are my weak links. 
Listen to a variety of music (rock, jazz and pop) - more Jimi Hendrix, LED Zeppelin than Spyro Gyra or Manhattan Transfer.  Will play music loader than most whether it’s Black Sabbath War Pigs or Pink’s Give me a Reason. 
15x20 foot listening area.... open floor plan with high ceilings
sound treatments via carpet window coverings and seating

Budget $10k...
Previously considered B&W 805D3 and PSB Towers.  
I don’t know what I don’t know regardless manufacturers.
Very interesting, I have always experienced a change in bass quality as volume increases in vented loudspeakers, can you please share a link to where you read that?
I do not notice any change in my sealed A3 (although I did manage to “bottom” them out on very loud orchestral passages, that came as a surprise, without any hints of stress, like I typically hear in other speakers).
It was a fairly recent review of a Magico with a little interview attached.  I'll try to find it.
@cygnusx8 my initial thoughts were used higher end Sonus Fabers or Wilson. 
I appreciate everyone’s insight. I am going to hunt for used speakers