Upgrading from Sonus Farmer Venere 3.0

I’d appreciate feedback on speakers to consider for upgrading my speakers. Pure 2 channel system run by McIntosh MC302 solid state amp rated 300 watts for 2,4 or 8 ohms.  I like my speakers and recognize my turntable and speakers are my weak links. 
Listen to a variety of music (rock, jazz and pop) - more Jimi Hendrix, LED Zeppelin than Spyro Gyra or Manhattan Transfer.  Will play music loader than most whether it’s Black Sabbath War Pigs or Pink’s Give me a Reason. 
15x20 foot listening area.... open floor plan with high ceilings
sound treatments via carpet window coverings and seating

Budget $10k...
Previously considered B&W 805D3 and PSB Towers.  
I don’t know what I don’t know regardless manufacturers.
I think the B&ws would likely sound horrible for the music you are listening to and the PSB better. That price range Tekton Moab or Klipsch Cornwall 4. 
@mofojo thanks I am intrigued by the Klip legacy series yet completely forgot about PSB
You can get a new Demo set of Cherry LaScala from Advanced Audio in Tacoma, boxed up ready to go for under your budget, I recall they were 35% ish off.
Bob or Victor
i have no dog in the fight.

PSB seems to be prepping to roll out a new line, so there are even deals on their T3 towers (new).  Have seen them online for $5K (retail $7500 I believe).  If you can find them used, even lower.  

Klipsch would probably be good if you're looking for loud stadium sound profile (which it seems you may be).
Thanks!  PSBs are nice

My listening habits of loud music is remnants of teenage years combined with being a former field artillery guy :/

I recently listened to the Sonetto V and I heard a much improved versus my current speakers.