Upgrading from TMC speaker cables- to what???

I am wondering what I can replace my TMC speaker cables with. Wish to make quantum leaps in performance as new speakers coming are deserving it (Wilson Maxx3's)

Weird situation is- length of speaker cable run is 25 feet!

Has anyone replaced TMC Golds out there? With what?

I have a feeling these are performing well, and don't want to waste $$$ to hear no audible difference.

Where would I have to go in the PURIST line to hear a difference from these existing cables in my system?

Thanks, in advance.

have you tried Analysis Plus I have the gold speaker
cables and they are good but the solos are close behand
You might contact Albert Porter/Porterhouse Audio.He is a dealer for PAD and knows the cable line.
After having great luck with the Stealth line of interconnects (Indra) I decided to go with their "Dream" speaker cable.

A few reviewers here on the 'gon helped me with the decision through their reviews in this forum.