Upgrading Power Supply for Lumin U2 mini from switching to Linear Power Supply

Recently purchased a Lumin U2 Mini streamer along  with a Chord Qutest Dac. Use Qbuz and am very happy with the sound quality. My speakers are Martin Logan 11A Impressions, with a Rogue Audio preamp and a Conrad Johnson Classic 62 tube power amp with 60 watts per channel.

I spoke with my dealer yesterday who mentioned that he upgraded his personal U2 Mini power supply to the one supplied by Vinshine Audio. I watched the owner of Vinshine actually do the modification on U Tube. It involves cutting wires and in short for someone like me, there is no way I would even attempt this. I know that making this change voids the manufacturers warranty. This risk I am willing to take. By the way, the dealer mentioned that the improvement is not "night and day", but substantial. Better bass, blacker backgrounds, to name a few. The mod uses an adapter that goes inside the unit with the LHY Power supply which is made by Jay's Audio who also sells CD Transports.

Part II-I noticed that Upscale Audio also sells a Linear Power supply for the U2 Mini, which is made by S Booster.  The reviews claims it is easy to install. I am looking for a plug in and play. Am I asking for too much? Has anybody on this site modified the switching power supply to a linear power supply and how involved is this? 

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Go to Linear Tube Audio.

I bought 1 of their LPS it’s as good or better then the $1200 Paul Haynes

which is very good but at $750 with a Excellent DC cable 

up to 8 amps , 125k in capacitors , worlds best Belleson regulator,

chokefiltering on the incoming AC as well as the DC conversion 

I am buying a 2 nd one and I put a 5 amp slow blow Synergistic purple fuse even better still and has a 100 Va transformer weighs 6 lbs ,nothing even close at this price point.


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I already went through the exact same thing, see this thread:



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But essentially I found:


Result on my system (mid-highend -- see above description) was outstanding! The soundstage is deeper, (obviously so) and wider, there is much more separation of the instruments, and the whole presentation is quieter than before. Well worth the upgrade of my Lumin U2 Mini.

However here are some alterations for the install as opposed to what Alvin shows you on Youtube:

1. Don’t clip the one red wire from the switch to the plug: take a soldering gun and apply some heat and then slip it off. (easy-peasy)

2. Buy 6 3mm nuts and washers so that you may place the screws back in the chassis so that there are no dust holes

3. Since the screws are now in their proper holes again, get something to mount the internal board about 6mm off the bottom of the case to clear the screws.


I also use a Netgear switch on my LHY LPS50VA.

A week later I am still pulling my head up / opening my eyes because I hear sounds more prominently than before (or didn’t hear before). I think I am in the upper percentage of people who hear such a difference... but I am not so surprised what this LPS Mod has accomplished over its switching power supply.

Also wish to say that this is much better decision than the sbooster because by default all the wires are at the back and not looking so sbooster fugly. (much less their is some L/C filter circuitry in this Mod which I believe is not in the sbooster)

This has been one of my best mods to a piece of equipment to date. (35+ years).

OP - I have used an S-Booster on a Lumin D2 and a U2 Mini.  I did the install on the D2 and on the U2 Mini, the dealer I bought it from did the install.  It’s really easy if you follow the instructions and cut the wires they direct you to. As mentioned by another member of you want to avoid cutting any wires you can accomplish it easily if you have a soldering gun.  I also installed an upgraded power supplier in a Aurilac G2 streamer which was more of an undertaking. 

In my experience was worth it, noticeable improvement.  If you search on this forum, go to Upscale or other dealer sights with reviews, the vast majority of reviews are very positive.  From a simplistic standpoint, non technical, the neither you go up the line on Streamers the better the power supplies are., most high end pieces have external power supplies.  In some cases the upgraded power supplies can be one of the main differences between lower models and models that are higher up in the line.  Many also references power supplies being key in the streaming chain.  

I wouldn’t let the install scare you away from making the upgrade.  I have sold the D2 and the G2 without any issues, was able to sell them for more $$ because of the upgraded power supplies.  

Good Luck! 

Hi all,

would an 18v sbooster work with a Lumin u2 mini? Or do I need a 12v?

thanks for your input