Upgrading preamp. Best for under $1K

I am planning on upgrading my preamp and was wondering what would be the best preamp for under $1K. Currently have the Rotel RC-995 with a B&K ST2140 amp and Vandersteen 2ci speakers. I like to stay with SS unless their is tube pre in that price range.

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If you can wield a soldering iron and follow clear concise directions, try this:

You Can Build the PR-102 Stereo Preamplifier Kit - Akitika https://www.akitika.com/PR102.html

If not, the AVA or Schiit units are excellent.

I'd also recommend a Rogue RP-1 used. I had one and it took 3 upgrades to get something that sounded better. If you keep your eye out you should be able to snag one for 1k or so on the used market. 

@mattmiller "Check out PRIMALUNA Kevin at Upscale Audio in LA would love to talk to you about them."

theyre 3 grand up to more than $5k. how is that under $1k?