Upgrading preamp. Best for under $1K

I am planning on upgrading my preamp and was wondering what would be the best preamp for under $1K. Currently have the Rotel RC-995 with a B&K ST2140 amp and Vandersteen 2ci speakers. I like to stay with SS unless their is tube pre in that price range.

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@thecarpathian I find this to be an interesting recommendation do you have one of these pre-amps? 

If you want to stick to SS, Pro-ject pre box ds2 or RS.  I am a tube guy but these are terrific.

@jeffrey125 ,

Had, and lamented selling it.

Put a couple of nos 12au7's in it- especially Amperex-and it sounds better than it has any right to for the price. They are a real bargain used.

I believe there is a very nice used one for sale on the other site for $650. 

Well, well worth it.