Upgrading Speakers

Does it make sense to upgrade my speakers to Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III from the Sonus Faber Sonetto V. connected to Moon 390 and Moon 330A respectively. I love the Sonus Faber sound so I want to stay with the brand but when I consider the price point of the Nova !! relative to the Moon amplification I'm not sure.Also love the Moons.

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Thank you for your responses. I see that we're all either SF or Moon enthusiasts or SF and Moon fans because you've al encouraged me to take the plunge. Much obliged folks.

Sonus Faber has always intrigued me if not for the beauty and craftsmanship alone. Based on a few reviews of their most recent models, I've gathered they've tried to improve things like detail and treble.


Has anyone listened to the latest generation of Nova-level SFs versus the previous and what their impressions are? I ask because I love detail, and don't want to venture too warm.

Sonus Faber made a significant change in there sonic presentation about ten years ago with the release of the Olympica and some other models that increased the level of detail adding a bit more treble without loosing their natural sound with great rhythm and pace.

@ghdprentice Are there any big jumps in their lines where stepping up yields a bigger result than others?

They are pretty consistent about jumps per $. I think you are wondering if there is a special spot. No… only if you can afford to match the very best to your room.

Each double in price is a real jaw dropper.


So in my large room Olympica -> Amati -> Lilium are all huge jumps. The Serifino would sound right if I had a much smaller room.

Yes, thinking about this, any 2x jump is going to be really impressive and if more, even better.