Upgrading through the current Revel lineup

Neil Gader in TAS wrote;
" Of all the Revel loudspeakers I’ve heard, including the Ultima models, the sound of the F52 turns out to be the most rewarding to listen to and the most elusive to describe."
I've got the F52's and they are an astounding speaker and a fabulous value. One of the great but unheralded speaker values in high end. My upstream is all McIntosh. MCD500, C2200, MC402.
I'm tempted to upgrade to the flagship models Studio 2 or the Salon 2. How diminishing are the returns? Can anyone who has heard all three comment? I do not have the ability to audition the three.
Is this the wpines from the Klipsch Forum? Glad to see that I'm not the only one there that went to other brands. I switched to the B&W 800 series years ago.

Congrats on the Studio's. I heard teh Salon II's a few years ago and loved them. What made your decision? Which Klipsch did you used to have?