UPS Air- Worth it?

Hey, a heads up to all who are using UPS 2 day air. Sent a package out on Nov 20. to be delivered guaranteed by 23. ( Paid over $700 including insurance). Delivery was on Nov 26th, and UPS is disputing the delivery guarantee because of weight, which was over 100 lbs. The weight was clearly marked and accounted for by UPS when THEY gave the quote and guarantee. Just a comment that maybe Fed Ex is the way to go for all Audiogon amps, speakers, etc. I'll post a final result once I hear the outcome, but to those who are shipping and paying such a fee, you may want to look around for a true guaranteed delivery date. Apparently, UPS really has no guarantee for delivery times.
The UPS 2 day is very expensive. I often need to use 3 day select here at work and things always arrive on time for a much more fair (but not cheap) price. This is usually from the other side of the country too, Ca. to Fl. It's only one extra day of waiting. Still, large, heavy items may not get the same treatment although they certainly should. I definately think you are entitled to at least a partial refund here.
If they can't meet their guaranteed date due to weight they should have told you at the beginning. The delay wasn't caused by something they can't control. You definitely should get a refund.