UPS for country cabin

My friend just bought a cabin and would like to protect from power interruptions. He wants to provide 20 amp capacity for an hour +. Thanks. 
Much appreciated teo. I’ll pass it along and look into it for personal curiosity. Thanks :)
He is in a forested area. Can’t use solar with regular wet weather. West coast wet foggy weather. Has electricity. Just wants unit that will keep stereo going for an hour or so, modest volume jazz/classical when power cuts in rainstorms. 
Then the Eaton/Liebert 'always on' UPS with battery pack might be the way to go. He'd get clean power and the back up, all at the same time.
Second for Eaton’s on line UPS
products. They operate with the battery always in the picture, without any transition glitch when utility power fails. Look for units with pure sine wave output instead of the units that approximate a sine wave. I use Eaton’s 9130 UPSs, and wouldn’t look elsewhere. Reliable as a bag of hammers.