UPS insurance claim denial advice

Looking for anyone who has had insurance claim denied by UPS and can offer advice or share success story. I shipped mint pair of speakers in original factory boxes with additional packing and heavy duty tape and when they arrived boxes were beat up and one speaker did not work. Now I got them back in even worse shape and they are a total loss. UPS denied my claim because of "improper packaging". The packaging was OK when the speakers were shipped from England and the same packaging was OK when they were shipped to the selling dealer from the U. S. distributor. The boxes were OK when UPS accepted them for shipment and took my money for insurance But when UPS has to pay a claim the packaging suddenly becomes improper? Now I am looking for advice-small claims court? appeal to mgmt at UPS? or am I SOL?
Regarding the previous comments relative to "climbing the ladder" at UPS and contacting management. Great idea but UPS management is so well insulated you can not break through. On several occassions I have received customer complaints that could not be satisfied through my company's consumer service center. My involvement results in resolution as we believe that the customer must be satisfied. Not so with UPS. I had difficuly getting past the call center supervisor which is 1 level up from the person taking the call. I wrote letters to the CEO. I got form letters. Maybe you will have better luck in breaking through to the insulated management team at UPS. Next time, just join me in my BOYCOTT of UPS!
I feel for you. Been there. Done that. Try calling their corporate national complaint @ 404-828-4300. They'll ask you how you got the number but they will help you. They even sent me a letter of apology and a fruit basket once when I had a problem. Be persistent and good luck to you.
Once I took a package to UPS, the clerk opened the package & inspected it to make sure it was adequately packed. She then slop taped it back together completely destroying my good packing job. Another time when she wanted to do the same inspection routine, I got pissed & took the package to FEDEX. She said some people send a piece of junk or whatever, insure it for a fortune, then the recieving party says it was damaged & tries to claim the insurance $. So she wasn't really inspecting my packing job but the actual contents, I guess.
Bad news, my friend, my wife works for UPS and, since it was "your packaging", it is a call by UPS claims if it is or is not "proper packaging". She hates it when I say I will only ship Fed Ex, but she does have a solution. Go to your UPS customer counter, have them package your item, then UPS is liable for packaging (i.e. the way it is packed). Many counters use a "Versa=Pak" machine (molded styrofoam), and there is a service charge for this, but if must "Absolutely, positively" ship UPS, this would be my choice. Be sure to note the time of day and who waited on you. Otherwise, Use FedEx or anyone else if possible (I will get my butt chewed if she sees this). For your personal situation, get a lawyer to write a letter, and I bet your claim gets resolved.
greetings; I too have had problems with UPS regarding damaged goods. A used tube amp ($ insured for $2,000. was dropped and broken beyond repair. UPS claims to settle claims in ten days.I was asked to produce a catalog showing the price. When told that most high end audio is not available from such dealers, UPS said that I must prove the value in order to collect on the claim. I had a letter from the manufacturer stating the MSRP and a letter from a dealer stating their selling price. Nothing was good enough.Finally after almost 90 days I told them that since they carried their own insurance they should be treated as any other insurance company would be under these conditions and that I was going to write to the Insurance Commission and the Attorney General in the states where the package was sent from and received in. Results, next day I got a phone call saying that I would receive a check the next day. BINGO, hand delivered to my door. Life is good, make some noise, kick some butt, don't stop until you get your money.