Upsampling, Can there be too much?

I've owned the Chord Mscaler for a year and loved it, but recently added two new components that have built in upsampling: The Aurender W20SE, and the Jay's Audio CDT3-MK3. I find the Mscaler works well with the Aurender's built in upsampling, but not the Jay's.


Conclusion: not upsampling the Jay's, and standard redbook 16-bit 44Khz to the Mscaler gives incredible 24-bit 705Khz to the Hugo TT2 DAC for finest sound.


With multiple upsamplers in a chain has anyone gotten static, popping, smearing, or any kind of distortion from too much upsampling?



In this discussion, we are not talking about mastering in pro studio. My initial post was in context of upsampling at consumer grade level, which nets nothing; all that perceived detail is nothing but a form of distortion.

I do see your point, a DSD file professionally up sampled in a mastering studio probably carries more legitimate info across the spectrum. Personally, I prefer to listen files in its native resolution. 

Well, in the past (around late '80s) we do have 8x oversampling CD players.  That means we are very accustomed to 16bit 352.8KHz sound signatures.


Personally I tested myself on a headphone, anything more than 24/176.4 makes no difference to me.


IMO having 24/352 is perfectly fine.  And I like upsampling music playback, NOS sounded a bit rough to my ears, but some people swear by it as some holy grail DAC mode.  Definitely subjective opinion here.

I like upsampling music playback, NOS sounded a bit rough to my ears, but some people swear by it as some holy grail DAC mode. Definitely subjective opinion here.

Agreed, unquestionably subjective. Some listeners do not like up/over sampling due to algorithms/mathematical use and subsequent manipulated-recreated or reconstruction of the signal. So definitely alternative approaches preferred by different listeners. Thankfully options of choice exist.


@brandonhifi, the first thing that I’d like to ask is what made you get an Aurender W20SE music server? Very nice! My go to audio gear guy in the Twin Cities since 1976 has been Bill Soderholm who owns Stereoland in Bloomington, MN. I bought my first audiophile system from him when I was a sophomore in college, which was a Marantz 100w per channel stereo receiver, 4 Bose 901 speakers, and a Thorens turntable. He’s got some really amazing stuff at his newly expanded showroom. 

   My suggestion when using a TT2 and an M Scaler is to let Rob Watts magic do it’s work and to not use any of the upsampling capabilities of any other powered boxes that you might have in your listening chain. I’ve found this approach to give the most accurate and non-fatiguing music reproduction. It’s also rewarding if you bypass the less then great Amanero USB input of the M Scaler in favor of using a single BNC cable instead. Here’s part of my setup. Music Server  > AQ Diamond USB > Audiowise SRC.DX > single WAVE Storm BNC > Hugo M Scaler > dual WAVE Storm BNCs > Chord Hugo TT2.