Upscale audio advice

I have been looking to change the tubes on my BAT VK-30 from the Russian made 6922/6h23 which work fine but am looking into upgrading them. I looked at the Upscale selection and a few options initially caught my eye. These are as follows:
1)Amperex 7308 vintage gold pin
2)Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88 Bugle Boy
3)Ediswan CV2492/6922
4)Mullard 2493/6922 & Mullard E188CC/7308

All of which, if I choose their Platinum grade, range from $70 to $110.00 each which seemed pretty reasonable to me. The problem is, their sales guys tells me that none of these are suitable for my Pre-amp. He goes on to tell me that the only units that will work are the very same 6H23's that I already have. Is this sound advice from them given the fact that I would like to spend some decent coin to upgrade or do they not wish to deal with me? I have seen in other forums that they tend to want to sell to customers who have purchased equipment from them. Is this true? I do want to change my tubes given the fact that they are about 5 yrs old and definately are due for a change. I find it hard to believe that the only option they have that will work with my VK-30 would be these cheaper $35.00 per tube units. Any further comments anybody may want to add to this or advice you may have for me?
I had a BAT VK-30 and used numerous different 6DJ8/6922/7308 tubes in it. Not sure what the Upscale Audio guy was thinking? The VK-30SE uses ONLY 6H30 tubes, maybe he was confused.

Of the ones you listed, I have #1,2 and 4. My favorites are the USN-CEP Amperex 7308 and the Mullards.

I have always had excellent service from Kevin Deal, (the owner) at Upscale Audio, maybe try to talk to him. He has never steered me wrong and I have been buying from him for close to 20 years.
Looks like they are no longer BAT dealers and appear to be selling off remaining stock.BAT does not appear on their products list.Sounds like you hit a sore spot.Plenty of tube sellers around and i am sure you will get some decent advice here.You can always contact BAT.
There are other dealers and tube sellers besides Upscale. I suggest that you contact one who is willing to give you more time and better service.