Upscale Audio and Primaluna

spoke to aggresive salesperson who pushed prima luna integrated amps and other primaluna gear.

this was after i called to buy another component.  Anyone know about primaluna stuff.

all this guy did was tear into my system saying how deficient it is and that i should buy primaluna.

The way I see it half day he is good and the other half say he is bad. Kevin, you are a genius for getting people to talk about you and your company for so long. There is no such thing as bad publicity because it ends up being free advertising!
he is like the Madonna of the audio world. Maybe Prima Luna Madonna. He’s a smart guy. 
I bought a used EVO 100, not from Upscale, and had a couple of very minor concerns and questions.  Kevin could not have been kinder or more helpful, despite zero potential for making a dime from me, at least in that moment.  I'd have no concerns about doing business with them.  Just my $.02/YMMV.
A couple of people have pointed out that the Prima Luna amps are made by Cayin/Spark but did not mention that Cayin/Spark is owned by the Chinese government as part of the large CATIC group. Quite simply, every dollar of profit from your purchase  of a Cayin amp goes directly to a government that runs vast re-education camps, oppresses dissent in Tibet and Hong Kong and promotes the use of slave and forced labor in the country's workforce.  Personally, this is more off putting than Mr. Deal's communication skills.
There’s a lot  of BS in the adverts C core transformers are far better like the world class Lundahl you see in Ayon for example , Torroid are better in solid state gear
look at-any top quality tube amp C cores only .
and the auto bias system nothing to tag about bunches of resistors in the auto bias. Ayon night and day more reliable and high tech ,it doesnot average all the tubes like in auto bias , the Ayon has a micro  processor and monitors each tube 
for optimum Ma voltage , and when a tube goes the amp will go into standby and a led will come on , you reset the bias and the processor readjusts it .
far better and a machined aluminum  case for vibration ,not cheap sheet metal.
Those folks are one town over for me, so I go to them for tubes and I actually bought my Rega turntable from them as well. Not a bad company to buy from.

That being said, they are very salesy. The amount they push primaluna gear makes it very obvious that they have some sort of skin in the game.