Upscale Audio and Primaluna

spoke to aggresive salesperson who pushed prima luna integrated amps and other primaluna gear.

this was after i called to buy another component.  Anyone know about primaluna stuff.

all this guy did was tear into my system saying how deficient it is and that i should buy primaluna.

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prima luna peas for all!
I don’t care what gear you have.  It looks like you were just trying to vent about one of the unfortunate sales practices in this industry.  That unfortunately takes place .  It’s the approach that is meant to tell you what you can and should change to better your system and knowing what you have is helpful information to the salesman.  Being that many in this Audiophile lifestyle have bottomless check books it’s a sales practice that does in fact build some great systems when the salesperson has some actual knowledge and skill.I find the sales practice is worse when the person is an audio snob.  
I like it when your looking for used audio gear and you just want to see what they have available.  Most places won’t just simply give you a list.  They will start to question you about your system and then try to sell you something that is over your states budget.  Then if and when you find something in their stash that is within your budget they shoot it down.  Like they really don’t want to sell it.  
There is also the sales approach where they question you about what’s important to you such as soundstage or bass and proceed to push something you heard already that you feel does not offer it.  When you tell them that they proceed to crap on the setup or the place you listened to them at.

If I have a good budget I would take the time to answer their questions and listen to their advise if they have a reputation for being trustworthy in their advise. But if I am going to trust their advise I like to grill the salesman about what they listen to when they want to demo a speaker with good base.  If they start walking about string instruments and make vocals I know their interpretation of good bass may be different than mine.  From that point on I know when they say deep bass, I need to take that with a grain of salt.

Yesterday I used Upscale's website to ask for a recommendation for two 6550's, one 12AX7, and two 5AR4 rectifiers for an amp I have under construction (Ampsandsound Nautilus). Sean at Upscale responded courteously that they no longer make recommendations due to some-I gather-customer complaints. I responded by asking for three or so options for each tube and Sean did (though there was only one 5AR4 on offer). Sean immediately responded with options and I selected and paid and minutes later I got notice they were being shipped. Whenever possible, I select from "Kevin's Stash". I like how UA offers tiers of testing results on some tubes-Gold, Platinum, and Kevin's. 
Five years ago I bought a brand new ARC Ref 6 from a local dealer at full MSRP and an ARC Ref 150 SE as a dealer demo model at half-price with something like 20 hours on the tube timer. The amp arrived with a dead KT150. I bought two spare KT150's from Upscale after discussing the amp and it biased within spec and has been serving me well all these years later. 
As to Audio Research, even when McIntosh Group owned it the products were built by hand and under the management of Warren Gehl. One look at the inside of the Ref 6 through the standard plexiglass top cover shows it is built with premium parts. Point to point wiring is not inherently superior to use of circuit boards. A look into the PL gear shows both PtP wiring and circuit boards btw. PtP wiring does allow for easy repairs. My Ref 6 is dual mono, does have tube rectification, but not PtP wiring. Being one of those who believes the preamp is the very heart and single most important choice of any audio system, I love my Ref 6. 
But I also love simple designs done right and that is why I have an Ampsandsound Nautilus coming my way-an 8 watt amp/headphone amp that weighs 65 pounds! Built the way amps used to be built 60 years ago. 
I have a PrimaLuna Dialogue Premier HP amp.  Couldn’t be happier with it.  Sounds great and takes any hassle of tubes out . . . No biasing, can switch between triode and pentode modes, with the stock tubes is 75wpc and two in mono pumps out 170wpc, and a warning light for tube failure that actually works. I can’t say anything about OP’s post other than you should definitely give it a listen.  Ultimately, that is the test.