upscale audio is this legal?

Maybe I'm wrong but wanted to get the communities thoughts. A good friend of mine bought a Cary amp from upscale audio it was supposed to be a v12 i. That was a year and a half ago recently he was going to sell it and was looking at the receipt from them and the serial numbers dont match at all!! totally different amp not even a i series. well he called them and they told him there was nothing they would do. I have never checked the serial number on anything I have bought but will from now on.My friend assumed he was getting what he paid for but did not! You would think they knew somewhere along the line they sold him the wrong amp . anyway whats your thoughts.
I've bought dozens of tubes from Upscale over the years, some very expensive, and every transaction has been excellent. I trust this dealer. I don't trust many.
While 1.5 years may be too long after the fact to complaint about, the fact that UA could be so off is suspect. SNs typically track manufactures' products from inspection and to the retailer through the warranty period.

Had the buyer gone to Cary directly for warranty service, it is unlikely he would have got any if there were no records associated with the unit he had or what was on his reflected on his invoice.

In this case, the passage of time is being asserted as an defense, but it doesn't negate the fundamental misrepresentation regardless if was intentional or negligent.
This will be the last I say about this. My friend the original owner told me he looked for the dent but couldn't see it. I'm not trying to mislead anyone here Kevin wants to Also leave out the receipt says the amp has the upgraded oil caps he says are a must have for this amp. A $300 upgrade. My buddy doesn't know whether his amp has that or not. I would like to know how many buyers check the serial number? If you don't you should in the future. In my opinion Kevin at upscale is arrogant and I thought the truth should be told.Today Kevin called my friend and asked what he wanted which is what he should have said to start with.the reason for the 3 post is I thought the first 2 were rejected from the moderator so I worded it differently.good news this has actually increased upscale audio sells! Check your serial numbers
I think we need to revisit the need for proper spelling and punctuation as this stuff often hurts my eyeballs. Also, regarding the second part of my response (again, having nothing to do with this thread), UPS did show up and my new guitar arrived in fine shape.