Upscaling Speakers, Downscaling Amp...What to Do?

A few months back, I purchased a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars. I've enjoyed them so much that I've decided to upgrade to the new Perspectives. However, my better half hath decreed that no more money can go into audio, so I've made the extremely difficult decision to sell my amp (VAC Phi Beta 110i) in the near future. Its replacements will obviously be significantly less expensive, yet they must provide a similar listening experience. The preamp is already fixed - a Modwright LS 100 with phono stage. My question for the board is, what amp? Tube or solid state? Cost (used) needs to be around $3000-3500, and a minimum of 100 wpc. The obvious pairing is either the Modwright KWA 150 or KWA 100SE. I would welcome any another other suggestions, but if you do so, please tell me why. Thanks in advance.
Orpheus, from your "high end emporium" statement I may conclude that
1. there are speakers that would throw 3d soundstage even with mid-fi Rotel.
2. there are alternate amps to ARC that would not compromise 3d sound stage of the same speakers you've described and so possible to say that there are number of alternatives (given quite substantial price range of OP) that would make to sound his new speakers great.
3. synergy is more important than particular brand of amp or speakers.
Given that the Perspectives' twin woofers will make a bigger demand on the amp's bass control, switching amps along with the speakers may be a good idea anyway. Since Rogue has already passed your "proof of concept" tests, check out a pair of Rogue 150w monoblocks on the A-gon classifieds at your price point.

Also, have you asked Joseph Audio for a recommendation? I notice that their online specs don't specify sensitivity or power handling. Power range and damping factor recommendations would be helpful.
Thank you for actually providing some reasonable input. The Rogues are an interesting choice.

Joseph has been showing the Perspectives with Bel Canto electronics. It may be just pure bias, but I have not liked the two Class D amps that I've heard.

The Pulsars were plenty sensitive for the 110 wpc VAC, hence my specification of 'at least 100 wpc' in the original post. Quite honestly, if a Sanders Magtech were to come up for sale, I would probably jump all over it. That statement is based on my experience with the Innersound amp. The Magtech is an updated and improved version of that amp.
Which class D amps have you heard? Just curious. I love ARC's tube gear, but I heard their new class D amp a couple years ago and wasn't all that impressed. I keep holding out hope that some class D's claims will be true. E.g., I'd love it if the Red Dragons truly deliver SET sound in a powerful class D amp.

Back to topic, hoever, given that you like tubes + Joseph speakers, you should probably stick with tubes or class A solid state, but finding affordable 100wpc+ class A SS could be a challenge.

If you like VAC, you'd probably also like VTL. I've head VTL with Wilson speakers and the combo was very impressive. Right now there's a pair of powerful VTL monoblocks on the A-gon classifieds in your price range.

Also the all-tube VTL-150 stereo amp is almost in your price range ($3750 list). You might find a demo or get a discount to put it into your range. It's 150 wpc into 8 ohms.
There`s no need to get snippy, you said you made the"extremely "difficult decision to sell the VAC amps(correct?) You`re seeking a less expensive amp to match with more expensive speakers(correct?) and hope to maintain at least current sound quality.
I was simply suggesting the lost of the VAC is significant IMO. The more expensive speaker with a possibly lesser amp'may' not be an upward move, again IMO.

You put forth the scenario, I like others are responding on a forum thread, opinions will of course vary. Nothing more, nothing less. By the way my good luck was sincere.