Upscaling Speakers, Downscaling Amp...What to Do?

A few months back, I purchased a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsars. I've enjoyed them so much that I've decided to upgrade to the new Perspectives. However, my better half hath decreed that no more money can go into audio, so I've made the extremely difficult decision to sell my amp (VAC Phi Beta 110i) in the near future. Its replacements will obviously be significantly less expensive, yet they must provide a similar listening experience. The preamp is already fixed - a Modwright LS 100 with phono stage. My question for the board is, what amp? Tube or solid state? Cost (used) needs to be around $3000-3500, and a minimum of 100 wpc. The obvious pairing is either the Modwright KWA 150 or KWA 100SE. I would welcome any another other suggestions, but if you do so, please tell me why. Thanks in advance.
Save some money and have Jim Nicholls from JWN amps build you a custom tube amp that will rival amps many times their cost I just got my 6L6 kt88 amp today and this thing kicks some serious ass for 50 wpc and sounds great at low volumes as well. One of his amps were given a stellar review by Lynn Olson from Positive feedback in the latest issue
Marakanetz, mid-fi and 3D soundstage don't even go in the same sentence. There are numerous amps that would not compromise the 3D soundstage. It's not the brand, but the quality of the parts, which is why ARC or any other brand will have many different priced models.

If you replaced the parts in a Rotel with the best available, you might get a 3D soundstage; but then it would no longer be a "Rotel".

Both correct. And, IMO, this will be an upward move.

I was not aware that it's 'snippy' to point out that said opinions do not actually relate to the question being asked. Thanks for your response and good luck (sincerely).

I have auditioned a Wyred4Sound amp and the (much better but still not wonderful) H2O monos. The VTLs are definitely in the running. Thanks for your relevant and cogent response.