USB Cable

I'm considering upgrading a generic 5 meter USB from pc to DAC.   Opinions please on DH Labs Mirage vs Transparent Audio.  Has anyone had an opportunity to compare  in a quality system?


So what is a quality system (very subjective) 

I have the DH Labs Mirage and they replace Supra Excaliber USB  but I could hear zero diffence. I have an Innuos Zenith and Less Loss DAC with a Wyrded 4 Sound ISO USB Recovery in line to my DAC.  No PC in the chain other than a tablet running the Innuos application. 

Ditch the PC and get a good streamer — the PC is killing your sound.  Also, you can run the streamer to a Wi-Fi extender or Mesh node to an outlet near your system and not have to buy a 5m USB cable AND have much better sound.  Upgrading a USB cable from a PC is basically putting lipstick on a pig.  Sorry, but it’s true. 



I agree. While both the DHLabs and Transparent USB cables are really good ones… I use both… Transparent on my main system and DHLabs on my headphone system… they are connected to wall wart wifi extenders and first class streamers on the other end. I would recommend not wasting money on USB interconnects until you get the PC out of the picture.

I ran all sorts of PC configurations for years… different software, CODEX, cables… and none of that mattered until I got a dedicated streamer. The huge jump in performance made a better cable worth it.