USB Cable

I'm considering upgrading a generic 5 meter USB from pc to DAC.   Opinions please on DH Labs Mirage vs Transparent Audio.  Has anyone had an opportunity to compare  in a quality system?


So what is a quality system (very subjective) 

I have the DH Labs Mirage and they replace Supra Excaliber USB  but I could hear zero diffence. I have an Innuos Zenith and Less Loss DAC with a Wyrded 4 Sound ISO USB Recovery in line to my DAC.  No PC in the chain other than a tablet running the Innuos application. 

Ditch the PC and get a good streamer — the PC is killing your sound.  Also, you can run the streamer to a Wi-Fi extender or Mesh node to an outlet near your system and not have to buy a 5m USB cable AND have much better sound.  Upgrading a USB cable from a PC is basically putting lipstick on a pig.  Sorry, but it’s true. 



I agree. While both the DHLabs and Transparent USB cables are really good ones… I use both… Transparent on my main system and DHLabs on my headphone system… they are connected to wall wart wifi extenders and first class streamers on the other end. I would recommend not wasting money on USB interconnects until you get the PC out of the picture.

I ran all sorts of PC configurations for years… different software, CODEX, cables… and none of that mattered until I got a dedicated streamer. The huge jump in performance made a better cable worth it.

Not quite. USB cables do make some difference even with those piece of junk computers. I prefer Supra $55 cable to Wywires $300 cable and they are both much better in every respect than no name in the box cables. Try Supra first, they are sold on ebay, Good streamers are very expensive. USB cables require burn in time too, give it 100 hours or so. Power cord for DAC is also very important and can make a hell of a difference.

Now this comes from someone who hates digital but has to a degree deal with it. I have a modest Burson Preamp/DAC/Headphone amp in the second system.