USB Cable

I'm considering upgrading a generic 5 meter USB from pc to DAC.   Opinions please on DH Labs Mirage vs Transparent Audio.  Has anyone had an opportunity to compare  in a quality system?


For sure identical. Digital is digital. It either works or it doesn’t 🤦‍♂️

@twoleftears aside from the Amazon cable would love to know who’s USB’s are in the X-ray image. Thank you.


far left: Apple Thunderbolt 4, $129

middle left: Amazon Basics

middle right: NiceTQ, $5.59

far right: ATYFUER, $3.89

Well my USB cable test surprised me. 

turns out you can get far better sound by spending just a few dollars more. 

my SKW $33.00 1.5 meter USB 2.0 cable sounds great, excellent. I will save my $2.00 USB cable for my printer. 


@tvrgeek I’m surprised of the mediocre results you get from Fosi V3...

I know someone who drives Magnepans with it, another guy who drives Martin Logans, and they are both very happy with the performance.

I never heard the V3 (not yet) but I bought an Aiyima A07 for a friend, and that tiny thing fills a big room with loud, undistorted, detailed sound and very impressive bass driving a pair of Magnat All Ribbon speakers. Fosi V3 is supposed to be better than Aiyima A07...

Are you 100% sure that yours isn’t just faulty?