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I've been meaning to share my findings and impressions from a recent six cable comparison of USB cables.

What follows is a 'work in progress draft' that I will be finalizing and posting on a blogging site.

Getting this posted is a way of lighting a fire under myself so I get the write-up finalized. And to keep my promise to share my findings with a number of Audiogoners.

What is posted is the first phase of the 'shoot-out' involving four cables.

Please note:

- This is not finalized and I will be making edits, and adding information, etc.

- This is the first phase of the comparison.

- The second phase will be posted soon.
All cables are system dependent.   In my system, Nordost Valhalla was way too "goosed".   I agree and own top Wireworld.
I would add  to yours above that is personal liking depended...
Wireworld platinum usb is indeed a amazing cable it did hit me hard from the first note, it was a tad on the bright side, on the top end on my system, and I demoed it for some time. It was on the top of my list before the Stealth USB Select came into play. 
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03-13-2018 12:10pm
1 Could you identify them blind?
2 What are the statistics on repeat identification?

" ...See here for some measurements that should give pause for thought: "

You and Archie (Bunker/Blogspot); there is something so telling about chaps as you, Archie-Bunker/Blogspot and brethren from the same waxed-ear gene pool.

For you, here is:
  ... Some facts that should give YOU pause for thought:

There are dozens of cable manufacturer's in business for decades; carrying hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in inventory, selling through year-after-decade, after decade.
Hi-Fi mag's, and millions of satisfied/thrilled listener's appreciating this (rightfully) much valued component (cabling).
Year, after year.
Millions of people.
Multi-million dollar, thriving industry.

And then, there's you -and the 'Bunk(er)' clan, extolling the virtues of dollar-store hamburgers !


peter jasz

David, me and some of my audio friends have tested this FTA Callisto usb cable (FTA stands for Final Touch Audio) from Serbia. It is the masterpiece of Zoran, the owner.

This cable gives everything I need, deep bass, expansive sound stage, superb holographic and full sounding. 

I have been using some other usb cable including the totaldac but FTA beats them easily.

I wish you could find one to test and compare and share it one more time. :)
@ferrox  Thanks for bringing the FTA Callisto to my attention. I'd love to try it. Do you have a link to access Final Touch Audio? I wasn't able to locate it with a first pass on Google. I'll dig deeper.