USB cable


what the best usb cable for the price 200-250$, my set-up
integrated amp Kora TB-140
dac aqua la voce S3
speakers audio physic Avanti
mac mini
There are people who lift the ground after handshaking takes place.  Others install a small resistor in the ground line.

The best USB I've heard close to this price is the Laboga Emerald.  It's not the easiest to source, and judging by the absence of mentions on this forum, probably doubly so in the States.

Of all the USB cables I trialled it's the warmest, most analog and most musical I heard.  I ended up, however, with the FTA Sinope as it's similar in character but just better.  And 3 times the price.

The Emerald deserves more exposure as it really is excellent.

I’ve just bought the top-of-the-line Wireworld Starlight 8 USB. I will see if all the hype about this cable is true in about 2 weeks time. I’m currently testing the WW silver electra 7 power cord and will install the platinum Starlight 8 USB after I’m done with the evaluation in about 2 weeks time.

In my experience keeping the cable as short as possible while separating the 5v DC line is the starting point. After that it’s down to single core and treating the connectors with Acoustic Revive or Mad Scientist contact enhancer. Depending on the Dac’s USB port inserting an Intona Isolator can have aubstantial benefits.