USB compatability

Please be kind to this noob. I have searched and asked for months without much luck for an explanation other than " it probably wont work... 
     I bought a 2012 version of the Wyred for Sound DAC-2. This is my first DAC and all I could afford. My i ssue is i can run audio over usb from my old DELL laptop and all is well. I have a note 9 and BLU G8 phone. I can download an AP connect to the DAC and the phones instantly give a "connected to W4S DAC-2" a message but when I go to play a song i get a DAC not connected message. My first thought is the controller of the USB isnt capable of talking to the phones? i uses eXtreme usb music player and tried a samsung music ap. Ive tried different cables ect. Please enlighten me by telling me or referring me to where to find the answer. Thank you!
+1 for drrsutliff comments.

Also, the user's manual indicates the Wired 4 Sound DAC 2
uses proprietary software drivers that are specific for Mac or Windows OS installations.  Although there may be work-arounds, a stock software driver likely doesn't exist for an Android OS.

BTW, you may want to check to ensure you are using the latest W4S drivers for your PC installations, and not some Microsoft-assigned default, so that you are taking full advantage of the I2S features on this DAC.

Also, it seems there are some interesting hardware upgrade options available from the Mfr. for this unit.

As for controlling your music, playlists, etc. remotely from your phones, there are many good options.  I am using JRiver installed on my PC, with the free app JRemote running on iPhone and IPad (but also has an Android version).  JRiver will recognize and support the W4S drivers as it does for my Ayre Acoustics drivers.
 Good luck.

I have had about 8 emails from EJ at W4S. TY Sfar and jjss, Like end ej said in the end that he wasn't sure. What  drrsutliff said makes seance. Maybe i need a different usb cable. I bought a usb B to usb C cable off amazon and it still didnt work. The laptop was released in 2013 the note 9 released 2018 so i would think the phone more advanced than the DAC soo still what  drrsutliff says about the cable makes the most sence to me. I have tried different cables including ones that came with the phones... 
  I probably responded incorrectly here but I didnt see where I could make a fresh post only a reply
Are  you using a basic phone to USB cable?  That won't work.  You need an OTG cable, on the go cable.  It looks like a normal micro to usb but it's not.  Amazingly cheap fix.
Here is one of the cables I got but no it dont say on the go. I believe i have several short usb- C to usb A OTG cables but the DAC is usb-B sooo i guess im still looking for a cable but at least maybe once i find this unicorn USB-C male to UCB-B OTG cable. I thought the one below was but now i dont see it.
Please do not misunderstand my statement...  I am not saying it is your cable!  I was using that as an example of how the lack of the proper communication will cause a failure.  I don’t think the phones are capable of the correct communication to the DAC either physically in the 5v carrier voltage or as stated above possibly just the software is not compatible.