USB DAC Recommendation

Okay, so here's the deal. I am technologically...well...dumb. I just bought into a Mach 2 system, but I haven't spent my dosh on a DAC yet. I want a good DAC. I want a DAC that's reasonable (5Gs or less), but I absolutely have to have a DAC that's simple to use connectivity/set up--wise. I'd also like it to have real hi-rez ability, not just a NOS DAC (unless I'd be a complete fool not to investigate those). What should I be looking for? Thanks all!
I have been doing some research for a new dac also. I came across the Anedio Dac1($1270 + shipping) I belive it has a high rez USB input that they claim is idiot proof. It has the new ESS Sabre 9018 chip in side, that so many feel is the future of digital audio. Then pocket the rest and go on a nice vacation, purchase music, or go to a boat load concerts. :-)
PS: I will be purchasing this dac as soon as I have enough to do so.
You can check out a review of the Anedio at StereoMojo.

I have also just begun listening to a Tranquility DAC, and am very impressed. Down samples hi-rez to 16/44.1 but a great sounding DAC. Will be interested to see how my 24 bit files compare on the Tranq to a DAC that can play them at 24/96.
Which begs the question. If I get a NOS DAC and it down samples can I later take those files and up sample them when I get a top of the line DAC?
We are eliminating the fan on the Empirical Audio Overdrive DAC.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
Just to be clear, the Tranquility doesn't down sample - that is done by the computer on the fly. If one leaves their files, i.e., hi rez, that way and then changes to a dac that is then capable of the high sample rate - no down sampling is then performed by the computer.