USB DAC Recommendation

Okay, so here's the deal. I am technologically...well...dumb. I just bought into a Mach 2 system, but I haven't spent my dosh on a DAC yet. I want a good DAC. I want a DAC that's reasonable (5Gs or less), but I absolutely have to have a DAC that's simple to use connectivity/set up--wise. I'd also like it to have real hi-rez ability, not just a NOS DAC (unless I'd be a complete fool not to investigate those). What should I be looking for? Thanks all!
Thanks Mezmo, I hear you, I KNOW how those frolics can end up:) I plan on staying in my lair and never leaving again, famous last words, heh?
True that. It's always something, though -- even if just the desire for simple stuff like, you know, food -- that draws one back out into the world. And one you're out there, you never know when those insidiously irrational upgrade gremlins are going to pounce and make you their bitch. Think the single greatest upgrade / tweak for any system would be the equivalent of garlic-a-la-vampires to keep the spiteful little bastards at bay. Let us all know if you find their magic bullet (although I suspect it's just a mental fortitude which I seem to demonstrably lack...). Meantime, enjoy.
Does anyone know, does Wavelength let you upgrade continually? From the discussion here I'd be most interested in the base Cosecant, but only if I could gradually add more and more options.