USB to Dual Coax Bridge for Qutest DAC

I'm considering purchasing an Audiowise SRC-DX USB to Dual-Coax Bridge.  This would replace the current Curious Cable Evolve USB connection from my Innuos Phoenix USB and Chord Qutest DAC.  Looking at a relatively inexpensive tweak, that's supposed to have a significant impact on the performance of my DAC and SQ of my streaming experience.  My current set up sounds excellent, but not as good as my other source components listed below.

Anyone have experience with USB to Coax converters?  Coax cables? Interested in your comments and feedback.

My streaming set up is Innuos Zenith Mk3 (with 4TB SSD and Qobuz), Innuos Phoenix USB, Chord Qutest DAC with Sbooster PSU.  I'm committed to the Quest and not interested in chasing DAC Nirvana by upgrading to a TT2, DAVE, or any other DAC priced at $5K or above.

My system is an Anthem MRX 540 pre-amp, Anthem MCA 325 power amp, B&W 804s, B&W CC and Surrounds, REL S/510 sub (only room for one), Denon DCD A110 SACD player (my best source component), Modwright Oppo105 universal player, EAT C Sharp turntable with Sutherland phono pre-amp. 


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Just so I have this straight, I should ask him to write down the word "displayed" on an index card ir such, place it next to the item, snap and send me that picture.  You've given me great advice, but I have to ask, what protection does this provide me?


I hope you're wrong about it being a lateral move.  Everything I've read, including posts here and on a few Facebook groups I follow, indicate that the Bricasti M3 is a significant step above my Qutest.


Provides no protection if the seller wants to scam a buyer. It provides evidence that the seller actually owns the item. The seller in this case has a good amount of all positive feedback. All these checkboxes are just a comfort level setting items, nothing else. 
I have done a lot of PayPal F&F transactions on both sides and never an issue but I’m not there to scam anyone. 

It would be interesting to do a comparison this the Bricast and the Holo Audio May DAC.  The May is a great DAC and would great comparison.      

@audphile1, what was it about the M3 that you liked, and why did you move on from it? I’ve owned the Qutest and have had the Briscati in my system as a demo for comparisons to other DACs. I thought the M3 was okay, but I didn’t think it surpassed the Qutest by leaps and bounds.