Use Pioneer 45a DAC's or Elite Receiver?

I believe the 45a has Burr Brown DAC's. I currently use digital out so receiver does the conversion. It is a pain to switch to analog...I have no TV hooked..So I would have to unhook and take to my TV to set menu up for output to analog. Anyway, My Elite receiver is a 43tx around the same age. Which DAC would be better or probably no difference?
Does this not have the analog 5.1--(or 7.1) outlets??
Sure it may have the analog output but that would only get you stereo. I would say stay with the coax to the receiver.
Yes it does have analog 5.1 outlets...I have the menu to send SACD to 2 channel and Redbook layer to Optical out. I only listen to 2 channel audio