Used Levinson 532H or Krell FPB 400CX

Which one of these amps would you "goners" choose. Must be solid state and between 3 and 4 grand in price. Any other ideas? I am a poor audiophile trying to build a used 2 channel  system with used components.  
It will depend on the matching speakers.

Krell had worked wonder for Apogee Duetta Signature.

But after switching to Avalon Ascent II, I had found the sound of Krell too bright.

Mark Levinson sound gentler than Krell.

That's my dilemma.  Used older Mark Levinson or Krell ( I will have them serviced) or entry level newer stuff. Used ML 334 and Krell FPB 400 going for around 3500 or 4000 .  New used ML 532H or newer used KRELL or PASS going for the same. Is the older stuff better?
I was not impressed with any of the "h" stuff from Levinson. The Krell is a better amp IMO but I think the FBP is pretty long in the tooth unless it’s recently been redone.

There is a used pair of JC1 mono's for $5k, there probably is some wiggle room left in there.  That's where I would steer you.