used mc452 or new mc312

Hello! , I read very little about the new 312. I have a 452 and my problem is not the power today, with 200 watts its ok . but I want some of the new line. Sonically I never liked the 302 but never listened 312. Is it a faster and more refined sound than 302? I listened to ma12000 and I really liked it. and i was thinking about mc312 with my c2300.


I would say the 452 will be quieter than the 312. The 312 isn’t quad balanced like the 452 is. I own a 402 and would like to get into mono blocks as I am getting older and the 402 weighs 120 lbs plus. McIntosh Solid State monos that I can afford don’t have Autoformers so I may either switch brands after several years of McIntosh amps etc. or get a small forklift!
used has NO service.
they won't service a unit not bought from authorized dealer.

There are a bunch of certified McIntosh repair shops around. Has to be one of the best supported brands. No worries there.