Used MMG's

I'm thinking about buyin a used pair of MMG's. It looks like I could get a good condition pair in the $400-450 range. Since they are so inexpensive from the factory and have the return policy, would I be better off just buying a new pair? Thoughts?
Is there anything I should look out for if I buy used?
Thanks guys.
I think you can get 100% purchase price credit for 1 year on 'upgrade' if you buy new MMGs.....
Is this true or am I just making this up???

In any event, they are such a good deal new, I'd have to agree with everybody, above.
A fairly unusual case of robust and uniform consensus on the Gon. New it is! ;)

Thanks everyone. Always appreciate the good advice.
One last thing.....I can only place them 2' from the back wall. Will they sing from that close?
Thanks again.
IME, you're right at the margin. I'd say that you need three feet and change to feel comfortable predicting success without much reservation. But that doesn't mean you're doomed here - there are just too many room specific variables at play to make a confident prediction. If you're buying new, just give it a shot and see what you think. You can always send 'em back if it's not working to you're satisfaction.

One more thought: The MMGs are pretty happy close to the side walls. You might think about placing them along the adjacent wall if your decor allows and it would allow you to provide more room behind the speakers.

They will sing with so many different things in so many different areas of a room that make them a no btainer purchase new at their $599 cost. Contrary to many posters on the web I find them to sound good almost wherever you place them and can't understand the WARNING comments I hear or see about these speakers. When you get to the 3.6's then
setup becomes more of an issue because of its size and pure ribbon tweeter, otherwise, man they just sound good in almost any room!

Oh. As other posts have said, buy new.