Used phono preamp options - feedback requested

Greetings, all.

Here's my rig:

Thorens TD124 Mk 1 w/Mk II upgrades
Lyra Delos or Paradox Pulse D103R
Handmade Walnut Arm on unipivot bearing
Paradox Pulse Phono 70 preamp (MM/MC)

I'm in the market to find a phono stage up to about $2K to compare and contrast with the Paradox Pulse.

Open to suggestions however, considering these specific phono stages (all used):

Clearaudio Balance Plus
Sutherland 20/20
EAR Phonobox
Sonic Frontiers Phase 1 SE
Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL
Musical Fidelity NuVista
and possibly a Herron VTPH-1 (I can't get the guy to contact me back).

Decware ZP3 and ZMC SUT

I'm interested in tubes primarily, but can be swayed to try another solid state stage w/good (and easy) loading capabilities.  

Please don't bash - I'm looking for real experience with any/all of these, or something in the vein.  I have my priorities in the list, but am truly looking for quality input from the group.

Thanks in advance.
Thank you, all for your fast input.  Lots to think about, for sure.  

I would have pulled the trigger on the Decware, but the lead time is 20 weeks!  I'm a patient guy, but not that patient. Hence, my broader search. 

I also added a ARC PH7 to the list to make it even more complex. 

That's why it's a fun hobby!
+1 for the PS Audio Stellar Phono (Darren Myers Creation)
Trade in your current phono stage and it comes in under your limit, new!

I run the stellar, it’s fantastic, no tubes though
Just named Stereophile analog product of the year!

You may also want to check out Tavish phono preamps. They’re tube based. I own one and really dig it. The co. is run by Scott Reynolds, who has a PhD in EE and his son. 
A used ARC PH 3 SE is a great tube phono stage for cartridges with an output of 0.4 mV and above.