Used speakers for $3k? Oh the confusion

Audio speakers, HiFi speakers, studio loudspeakers....
I need help. My first pair was Altec Lansing 510's. Those things could rock and image very well. They were a little shrill, but otherwise very nice. I went to ProAc Response Ones which I thought were even better at everything except dynamics, so off with them and onto kit building starting with Dyaudio drivers. Too much work and then to a North Creek Rhythm kit which was already designed, much easier. Sold them and purchased Merlin VSM-M. These didn't do anything for me so sold them and have now Tyler's Linbrook Signatures. These are very cool, but don't image like the proacs so I just built a pair of Proac Response 1SC clones. Again very nice but lack dynamics for some rock.

I know electronics play a big part. I am using a Audio Mirror PP1 with some mods, a pair of custom EVS 350 watt mono class D UCD amps with a massive power supply. My cd player is a NAD T585.

I am tossing around, used only, VR4jr mkII, Genesis V, Dunlavy SC-IV, Aerial 10 T and Talon Raven. I tossed around Maggies and a few electrostatics, but don't want only one tight sweet spot. Cliffhanger Bulldogs, with a sub, are at the top of my list, but impossible to find.

I need good imaging and good dynamics at a low price ($3000.00-$3500.00). Used is the only way to get a $7K and up speaker for $3k ie. Genesis V.

My electronics are not bright and a little laid back.

I like good old Genesis from the early 70's Gentle Giant, Pink Floyd and some newer rock like Alice in Chains. Head music is my favorite. I want speakers that can disappear into a room and are easy to set up and can play loud. I also want good bass and don't have a problem using a sub.

I know it's allot to ask, but maybe there is a speaker like Neat Acoustics that I am not familiar with or Salk that will be perfect for me.

I need good suggestions from owners that have gone through the same thing and now very happy with their choice.
I've never considered horn loaded speakers. I'm gonna have to give a listen.

My class D UCD module amps were built by Rick at EVS. 350wpc into 8 ohms and 700 into 4. They are smooth. I had Ampzilla's, Melos MAT-180 and a Karan amp. The monos I now own have the best quality's of all of my others.

I've heard of Daedalus, but never looked into them.

I saw where you mentioned stores in philly. David Lewis audio has the Thiels along with many others that he advertises selling.
Wilmington DE. has overture audio and HI FI house that may carry some lines you could here, (Audio Physics, Aerials, Sonus Fabor, Wilson, Krell, among others.
I currently own Thiels, Von Schweikerts, Aerials, Audio Physics, and some others all are much more dynamic then the ProAc 1sc including the Bulldogs, but will most likely not disapear like them, however the sound is huge compared to the ProAc so it becomes a matter of taste.
My opinion of the speakers that you are tossing around, although against popular opinion I favored slightly the Aerial 8b,s over the 10t with the type of music you mentioned plus ease of set up. I have not heard the vonSchweikert jrs. but own the VR-4 Gen iii and prefer my other speakers mentioned above. Dunlavy SC IV, nice but big and concern of driver availability. Thiels disappear well but are harder to drive and set up, but my CS6,s are very nice, maybe not the best for head music at high levels, but will nail the Jazz. The bulldog sound is not as large as the big Thiels, or Aerials, but do extremely well considering their size, but the tone and clarity, purity of the music in some ways are the best I own.
It also depends greatly on the size of your room they will be used in.
I,ve proably just added to your confusion, but alot of times that goes with this hobby half the fun is the search.

This is an easy one...Legacy Audio Focus 20/20. There is nothing out there that can touch this speaker for under 3k...NOTHING! If anyone disagrees they have never heard/owned a pair. PLEASE do yourself a favor a look into them before you buy. They must be the 20/20's though, not the original Focus or the Focus HD's. They are extremely efficient so you won't need crazy power, and they can play down to 16hz! At 185 lbs a piece you won't be disappointed.
I am not familiar with the 8b's I'll need to look into them too. I am also tossing around Gershman Acoustics Sonogram speakers and Reimer Wind River. My Tyler Linbrook Sigs are like these and may resemble their sound. I was considering Legacy Focus 20/20 but read mixed reviews.

It's the dynamic slightly in your face, but not bright and disappears like magic I am looking for.
I would look into highly regarded Emerald Physics ( you need another amp though)
SP technology Timepiece 3.0 - used might be in your price range. You amp is more then adequate to drive these power hungry speakers. They love the power and when satisfied - will rock the house like no other. Especially with your kind of music.