Used turntable for

This is probably a well tread topic but with so innovations in analog playback and new offerings from Rega et al i thought i would ask again;
The short of it is I'm in the market for a gently used turntable to replace a Pro-ject RPM 3. I purchased this turntable as a stop gap and its served me well . I particular like the set and forget aspect; eons ago i had an LP 12... well enough said .
So whats the recommendations for a used deck and arm sub $2k. I've heard Rega maybe RP 8, ClearAudio concept or perhaps a Kuzma Stabi S?

Current set up is Bel Canto eOne for the pre and amp section and Gallo Strada paired with REL for moving Air.

I agree with yogi.

Of all the components one can buy used, a TT is the most risky.  And I would never buy a used cartridge.

2K is the sweet spot for modern TT's and can choose from a lot of new turntables at this price that would be a big upgrade from your Pro-ject.

The Merrill PolyTable is a good one.

So is the VPI Scout, Oracle Origine and of course the new Technics SL-1200GR if you want direct drive.

I wouldn't even be thinking used, with these 4 at or around your 2K budget.
I disagree about buying used.  Sure, there is a chance of defects unless you carefully check out the product before buying, but given the option of spending $2K for a new table or the same $2K for a $4-5,000 new price used table, the latter is pretty tempting.

I've bought used on high end tables several times and never ended up with a dog.
Thanks for the great feedback. 
Ive been selling and buying used on agon for over a decade and never had a bad experience... so i thought the same would apply for TT. I agree that with the precision mechanics involved especially with arms its more risky... and there is also ways a first time to get bitten
A local pickup display model would be perfect otherwise new it is.

I was reading greta things about the rega rp8... although as new its way out of my price range.

Are VPI's still good?
Are VPI's still good?
Have they ever been bad?

Number one high end TT still made in the USA.
Several years ago  bought a Dual 1219 and last Fall had it completely restored by the master Klaus Adlhoch (Dualcan on VinylEngine). It runs if it was 1970.

Last Summer I got a 1229 and went through it myself. It is an excellent turntable and gives me many hours pleasure each week.

My investment in these is much less than a thousand dollars and I think I would have to have some seriously deep pockets to beat them.

I run a AT120e cart with a ATN140lc stylus on the 1229 and a Shure V15 Type II with a JICO stylus on the 1219.