Used Vidikron 2C...Should I or shouldn't I?

I have the right kind of room for a front projection configuration. I started shopping for the projector and screen and prepared myself for a $5000.00 Yamaha projector and a $1500.00 screen. I'm a newbie to the home theater world but truly would appreciate the movie-like experience of front projection. From conversation at the water cooler, I realize someone I work with is selling their house and wants to dump their front projector and screen. The unit is a Vidikron 2C with a automatic retracting screen for $2500.00. The Vidikron 2C goes for $1700.00 average price on this site...Any thoughts or comments? I know the Yamaha and Vidikron are apples and oranges but I'm thinking the lower price of the used Vidikron would allow me to beef up the audio experience.

Lean me one way or another...PLEASE!
I've been looking at various projectors as well. Is it the Vision 2, 8" CRT projector? That seems like a very low price if it is. BTW: those older CRT's only have RGB inputs for HD signals (component inputs being an option) so you would need a scaler or other interface. Also, it might be that Vidikron is out of business or has been sold. Something like that happened last year and their website seems inoperative. You might also want to check into that in case you need parts or think you might want to resell it.

CRT is still considered king for the best possible color and ability to produce all HD resolutions. The DLP projectors are much small, usually quieter and easier to place. I think LCD is going by the wayside in favor of DLP. good luck
I have the Yamaha lcd projector. Looks much better than any Runco or any other dlp I have seen for less than 10k.. Thats why I bought the Yamaha lcd. This lcd has better color rendition than any dlp I have seen.. The black level is better on the 12k Runco dlp. There will be no image burn in issues period... It is quiet and small. The Super Bowl in high definition on the Yamaha LCD looked like [if there were such a thing] a 84in.plasma..Incredible... It does true hd and the 3 lcd panels are 16/9...The Vidikron can still be serviced. The black levels on that projector will be no better than lcd. How many hours are on the guns..Most projectors have a service menu that tells you the running total. 3k to 5k hours is about the effective 1/2 life on crt's. You are looking at least a $2500 retube charge.. Lcd and dlp when you replace the lamp you basically have a new projector. Tom