Used VPI Traveler v1 vs. New Rega RP3


I'm new to the forums and building my very first system. I can get my hands on a year old VPI Traveler (version 1, supposedly "mint") for $1000. Or buy a new Rega RP3 which is also within my budget. I'm leaning toward the VPI, I'm just a little wary of buying used the first time. Are the VPIs fairly reliable? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
Make sure you use adjust dial at the back of the tonearm and not the counterweight itself to set tracking force.
Do some research on the v1 traveler before purchase. The v1s had some issues with the tonearm.
Thanks Edwyun for pointing out the tonearm issues with the V1 Traveler. I have heard/read about this too. The tonearm on the early batches of the V1 had design flaws that literally made them come apart at their gimbals. The problem was corrected by VPI with later production of the V1.

The problem I see is that the V1 was only out for maybe a year and then replaced by the V2. In this short period of time, how would one know if their V1 table has the updated arm or the flawed one?

Any VPI Traveler experts that can comment on this? Can you tell by a range of serial numbers? Are there visual clues that a potential V1 buyer can use when inspecting the unit? To further confound the matter, I understand that overall the V1 is a better table than the V2; if you get one with the right arm. I am sure the OP as well as other potential V1 buyers would appreciate additional information on this arm issue. Thanks.
Thanks for the input guys. I had read about some issues with the tonearm, this is what I found searching the forums. One of the members e-mailed VPI about the differences between v1/v2


Below is VPI's response from my email asking them a few questions about some changes made to the version 2 Traveler.
1- The arm was changed to incorporate longer pins on the bearings so when the arm froze in UPS it would not come apart. They do not come apart in your home, even the old ones. Actually as we found out most arm bearings were broken because customers tried to rotate the counterweight instead of the adjustment thumbscrew in the rear!!!
2- The mat was changed because the new one sounds better. It is removable.
3- The logo was moved because of all the complaints of it in the front - we can't please anyone with this one.
4- The price increase is due to the inclusion of a 60 HZ generating power supply for much better sound and speed control. The Traveler now has a small SDS power supply built in.
Number 5 and 6 are my own additional remarks: The paint for the different colors is no longer a gloss finish but more of a matte finish. Number 6, the feet are no longer made of metal but made of rubber. This might make the sound a little warmer and help with vibration. Hope this helps!


Since the original owner said he had no issues with the table for a year I'm hoping it'll be ok... Still makes me a little nervous, but it's tempting because I've heard it's a better table than the RP3. I'm with Paraneer, any more info would be appreciated. Thanks!