Used Which amp for B&W 802 Matrix series 3 around or under 1000?

I just bought these 2 speakers and I am looking for decent used amplifier (audiophile if possible) for them under or around $500 - $1000. I know they need power. I like pop and classical music. I have an Infinity subwoofer. I don't want surround sound, only a decent stereo amp.
I have my old Onkyo Tx SV444 and I would like to upgrade.
Thanks so much!


Go to hifishark — they list used equipment from all major sites including A’gon.  A further benefit is you can see what past equipment sold for so you can get a good idea of a fair price range for any product.  Happy hunting!

Any pre-amplifier you recommend? Is it any great integrated pre amplifier + amplifier combo you can recommend and stay under 1k? Is it too much to ask?