user poll on seperates vs integrated

Hey guys, I wanted to try and crowd-source some (likely very opinionated, unscientific) knowledge.  I've read about the benefits of separates (have only ever used integrated myself), and I'm wondering how those benefits compare to the benefits of higher end parts/assembly, when controlled for cost.


To put it more plainly, would you likely get better overall results from a $5000 preamp and $5000 amp, or from a $10,000 integrated, given the likely quality/components used in equipment in those price ranges.


If you're experienced both separates, and integrated amps that cost the equivalent of those separate parts added together, can you speak to which you preferred?


Thanks for weighing in.


Seperates are great but require even more $$$ for power and interconnect cabling. Coming from a $100k all Shindo system I'm honestly toying with going with the simpliest (but bad-ass) rig of a Lumin P1 + ATC powered SCM150's. Add a pair or good xlr cables and done....


rick2000: wow, those soul note amps are beautiful.  can't say i know anything about them, but they sure look nice.

Both Luxman and Accuphase make outstanding integrated amps, and I have used the following in my 2 systems:

Luxman L-509u, L-595A

Accuphase E-260, E-380.

I especially like the Luxman L-595A pure class A integrated - 30W into 8 ohms, 60W into 4 ohms.

I recently upgraded my main speakers to the Verity Audio Arindal (the successor to the Amadis S) driven by the L-595A integrated.  The speakers are sensitive at 93 db and do not dip below 3 ohms.  

But I wonder if separates would be a significant improvement in my situation?  Both Accuphase and Luxman make separates that are a significantly greater investment than their integrateds and with specs that are incredible.  For example the smallest Accuphase class A amp the A-48 is a heavy beast that delivers 45W into 8 ohms, 90 into 4 ohms, 180W into 2 ohms and 360W into 1 ohm.  Impressive, but given that my speakers don't require the power, would there be any benefit to going down this route?