Uses for "tape-out" on a preamp

Do any of you find that you use the "tape-out" of a preamp or integrated amp? OR can you you THINK of any use for it?

As far as I can tell, this is only useful for analog recording to tape; not for digital recording (am I wrong?). And if I want to attach a second amp I really need a preamp-out which would reflect the setting of the volume control, which tape-out does not.

Would appreciate your thoughts on this.
Thank you.
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I use it to feed the analog signal from my table
to my ad converter. If you do any recording of any of your sources you pretty much gotta have it. I personally wouldn't buy a preamp without it.
Outboard EQ, Home Theatre connection, analog computer input, VCR audio, second volume controled amp/speakers in another room, headphone amp, etc.?.