usher 6 series speaker placement

question for usher 6 series speaker owners, what is your room size and how do you have your speakers placed?
with the 6381 from usher i needed a good 34 inches from the back wall to the back of the speakers,that was in a 13 by 18 foot room.
i found them not to be toe-in friendly, a slight toe-in just to get the focus right on the ball, about 7 degrees
inward toe-in.
depending how you have them setup give them at least 28 inches from the side wall to the center of the speakers.
hope this helps you out.
My room is 25'x30' and have the Usher 6371 speakers.
Mine are placed 30" from back wall and have no side walls. Wide room :) Have them placed about 8' apart. They are now spiked and leadshot filled. Now that I got to live with them in that spot for a week I feel they need to come out from the back wall some. Bass is a little boomy. Especially when I crank pop rock music. I also have them toed in to the point where they cross over behind my sitting position which is 12' from back wall.
Rock solid imaging.