Usher and Kharma Speakers

I was checking out speakers and found the Usher speakers on a dealers web site. They look alot like the Kharma speaker design. Has anyone heard the Uhser speakers and what are your comments and comparisions. What about the Kharma speakers. I was looking in the $8000 list price range.

Your comments are appreciated.

Nowhere near the same league.Ushers have beautiful wood work,nice workmanship,but their crossovers are terrible.Drivers are actualy very good.(even their copies of Scanspeak).The Kharma is among the very best and certainly has to rate in the top 10 as do a # of others.If you are willing to modify your crossover in any Usher you will have a very good speaker at their price point
I don't know if this is a isuue for you, but Usher speakers are made in China. They look nice but I refuse to buy anything from a country that treats it's own citizens with such disregard. I almost bought a pair of them a few months ago till I found the source of their manufacture.
For what it's worth...
In fact Ushers are not made in China.Tha cabinets are made there and the rest of the speaker crosovers,drivers,ect are made in Taiwan.