Usher CP777

I wondered if anyone here has heard these particular speakers.

I was tempted to getting a pair offered here ahwile ago...I would bet that they sound awesome...usher Dancer series are some serious speakers, and look tremendous to boot....
at the time i bought my usher 6381's the distributor said he did not like the sound of the 777. for price i think i would look into the entry level floorstanders in the dancer series.
i do not know your dealer but i tell you that i have had many audiophile friends( including myself) that had a chance to listen to many usher speakers:hers is the list
s-520, x-719,cp-6381,cp-8571mk2,cp777mk2, and there is no way that the cp-6381(a great speaker for the price!) comes close to the level of speed and transparency the new usher cp-777 with beryllium tweeter generates.
perhaps your dealer heard the cp-777( version one) with soft dome tweeter which perhaps was not as good as the new version.
the Cp-777mk2 is a very refined speaker,i would not hesitate top reccomend it to anyone!