Usher's 718 BE monitor: Is it competitive with other monitors of the same vintage ?

Is the Usher 718 BE monitor equal to or better than the following monitor speakers 

Revel Performa3 M-106;..... ($2000 Retail)

Harbeth P3ESR ( $2190)

ProAC Tablette or Super Tablette   ( Retail price ?)

Totem Acoustic Mani 2  ....(Retail price: $2700   ?) 

Also which speaker above may have the best bass for a monitor??

The Usher;s were issued in 2008 and retailed for  $2795

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Never support theft and fraud. Usher blatantly steals from other loudspeaker manufacturers and makes money.
Imitation, yes. Theft? No. the amp is a threshold design and the changes they made were positive. Nothing of the speakers were stolen. 

I don't care much for the Be tweeter. If you find a pair with the diamonds they are far superior. 
@audiotgesis what are you talking about? Usher stole the entire line of Scanspeak drivers and has been selling them for over a decade now. Usher is stealing from a reputable European manufacturer every single day. Screw them!