Usher Speaker Comparisons

Has anyone compared the BE-718 to the earlier Usher RW-729?

I really want the 718's to sound better as I saw this as an upgrade path for my small listening room, but my initial impression is that 729's are holding there own. I've changed nothing - just removed the 729 from their dedicated stands and dropped the 718's in place - being very similar in size I thought this was the best way to compare.

I've gone through all the options of single and bi-wiring, but this has had no real effect.

I'm also considering the Usher Mini One as an alternative, but from what I've read, theses are very similar to the Be-718 with a slightly extended bottom end.

As there's been very little written about the 729's I was hoping someone out there may have tried a similar comparison.

I guess I should be happy that the 729's are hlding there own against such a highly rated speaker.
Good feedback. After a brief run-through the reviews they certainly appear well worth further investigation.
I have owned many, BE-718 is good and don't listen to bashers who discriminate for the sake of discriminating.

I listened to RW-729 with BE tweeter last week. Compared to BE-718, I liked RW-729 better. RW-729 had slightly better transparency at the expense of micro dynamic and bass weight. RW-729 also has cleaner bass which adds a touch more top end extension and lower/mid detail. For classical music, I will pick RW-729.

I also listened to Mini One briefly, I like Mini-One better than BE-718 as well, bass was slightly more integrated.

I listened to original RW-729 many years ago in a friend's house, thought the sound was quite nice though I don't remember much any more.
Thanks for the feedback Semi. I didn't realise that the BE tweeter is available for the 729. Is it a proper dealer upgrade or a DIY job?