Using a PS Audio Perfectwave Dac as a music server

If you're just using a Perfectwave Dac as a music server, how can you see what's on the hard drive? It doesn't look as though the screen on the Dac is configured to scroll through folders of songs or albums.

Go here for good information about setting up J River server...

Let us know how you like your Bridge!

thanks guys. knew j river was something i wanted. just forgot why lol. been reading so much about this stuff the last few months, some of it went in and out.

just checked my itunes and they appear to be m4a files. understand that is not a good thing regarding quality sound. seems j river picked up all my itunes and is ready to play them.

thanks for the link Ben. i visit the psa boards from time to time but musta missed that post. very helpful.

bridge will be here thursday. will chime in eventually with my thoughts.

m4a files are Apple lossless. Paul McGowan (the "P" in PS Audio) himself recommends apple lossless as an audiophile file format. IMHO they are in no way a "compromise" in sound quality.
thanks everyone. got my bridge today. up and streaming in about 1 hour. amazingly easy process, even for a old computer illiterate fool like myself. can't comment to much on sound quality yet, but it sounds pretty good. will do some critical listening asap. need to upload some redbook tunes along with some hi-res dvd's before i can go there. will report back with my thoughts/opinions.

it just sank in how revolutionary these psa products (and others like it) truly are. listening to what you want, when you want it, at the push of a touch screen is remarkable ( i'm late to the party). adding high quality hi res sound and doing so wirelessly, takes it to another level entirely. could be a game changer for me. if the sound quality is anywhere near my pwt, it will be for sure. trying to find the music you want to hear will be a thing of the past. one less reason to get off the couch. what's next?, a couch/bathtub combo? =)