Using a studio monitor for home listening?

Has anyone tried using a pair of main studio monitors at home? Most studio monitors don't look as good as consumer speakers. Other than that, any protential incompatibilities?
The feedback had been on target. But, the real qustion is -- What are you seeking to accomplish? Answer this and then decide what to do about speakers. If you want to go pro, then maybe you also want to do the same with your electronics.

I am a happy owner of a Tannoy professional studio monitor, System 10 DTM. Personally, I prefer the lack of technicolor sound quality coming from the professional Tannoys compared to most speakers I've owned or auditioned.

Also, I can play the Tannoys at very low volumes yet get comparable amounts of detail and pace as when it is played at higher volumes. This is perfect for an apartment dweller such as myself.
Thanks for the comments.

I have a modest budget, so I cannot afford to buy a pair of new Dynaudio monitors. Then, I found that I can buy a new pair of Dynaudio nearfield monitor MB6's for about $700 plus shipping. The BM6's seem to have a better spec than the similar Audience 52 and costs less. In fact, the MB6's fequence response (43 ~ 20K +/- 3db) seem to be similar the Contour 1.3. The Contour 1.3 is bigger and costs a lot more than the BM6.

If I have more money, then life is probably easier for me in this area, just buy the Contour 1.3 or better. :)