Using battery power to go off the City's power grid

I'm using a Bluetti AC200MAX 2,200 watt expandable power station to take my system off the city's power grid.  It runs off a lithium ion phosphate battery with a 4,800 watt pure sine wave inverter. My total system only takes about 450 watts so I have never heard the fan kick on - it is totally silent. The music comes from a completely black background, with a huge soundstage that sounds very natural. I know that Ric Schultz has talked about these types of setups and there is a very expensive Stromtank battery system that is marketed to audiophiles. Anyone else tried this type of setup in their audio system?

Here is a link to a review:



"If you can’t agree to that please move on." So we have to agree to what you want? or we have to leave? U da boss?

I am all for measurements....they are great....I like numbers. Do they mean anything sonically?.....sometimes they do.....sometimes they don’t. Please measure Inverters any way you like and maybe some measurements will correlate to what we hear.....then we can all learn something.

However, to know what something "sounds like" you have to listen.........Listening is numero uno....everything else is secondary.

theaudioamp......yes, I would say you have an agenda and a need for attention and it interferes with your ability to know truth (how something sounds)....just a wild guess.

The only thing TRUE in audio is how something sound........measurements are squiggles on a scope.....they are not audio. In order to know the Truth about need to do serious listening tests (and they do not need to be blind or double blind......unless you are double deaf). You can trust your can trust your memory.....we are pretty amazing. You have to trust yourself. If you only trust a test instrument.....that is sad.


I am sorry that you cannot interpret measurements and determine how something is likely to sound @ricevs and/or if something will have no additional sound at all. Measurements can help you significantly with one, and completely with that other. That some audiophiles do not believe this does not make it true, it just makes those audiophiles wrong.


w.r.t. inverters, given every single piece of equipment will behave differently when exposed to a different harmonic / noise signature of an AC power source, the best that can be done is generalizations, and one of those is a well designed products will be immune to all but fairly bad AC power. Whether you accept that or not does not change that fact. Additional comments could be made, such as certain distortion characteristics could reduce AC hum on tube amps, or no/low global feedback amps may have issues with certain frequencies of distortion products.  Beyond that, any comments made in careful listening tests, i.e. switching between clean AC, wall, and "inverter" which would have to be made in such a way to reduce listener error, would be applicable only to the specific equipment connected and except in the most egregious cases, which would be readily evident in measurements, would not be at all transportable to other equipment and other connections of equipment.

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