Using battery power to go off the City's power grid

I'm using a Bluetti AC200MAX 2,200 watt expandable power station to take my system off the city's power grid.  It runs off a lithium ion phosphate battery with a 4,800 watt pure sine wave inverter. My total system only takes about 450 watts so I have never heard the fan kick on - it is totally silent. The music comes from a completely black background, with a huge soundstage that sounds very natural. I know that Ric Schultz has talked about these types of setups and there is a very expensive Stromtank battery system that is marketed to audiophiles. Anyone else tried this type of setup in their audio system?

Here is a link to a review:



Still, any piece of electronics has a "sound."  Nobody understands what distortion measurements correlate with a particular sound.


No, any piece of equipment does not have a sound. This is Philelore and is not true.


Ricevs has a longstanding business as a modifier of electronics.  He has determined that different materials in wires have different sounds.  If you don't want to believe his claims, be aware that there are several of his customers I have known personally who vouch for his claims by being pleased with his mods.

And I personally know lots of people who believe stuff that is absolutely not true, but that does not make them or the large amount of people who believe the same thing correct.


Technicians are still in the dark ages of understanding the human hearing mechanism. 

Technicians perhaps,  lots of other people not so much.


Just because you may not find reliable measurements that explain sonic differences, understand that the educated ear is THE best measurement tool of all, in terms of sonic evaluation.

The ear is many things. A good measurement tool it is not. It is a poor measurement tool and a pretty good detection tool. However, it is easily fooled, and hence you must help it along so that it does not make mistakes.  Going to the last statement you make, it is very easy to simulate all sorts of distortion, highly accurately, controllably, repeatably, and then see how people respond to it. Anyone can do it with just a bit of Google research and not a lot of time. It is why I am suspect of so many claims of distortion audibility (as are many people) because it would be easy to demonstrate and validate.


A sincere doctor often can't get his article published because it conflicts with the agenda and business interests of the prestigious journal.


Oh come one. Put together the study, do quality research, repeatable study. You may not get into one of the more prestigious journals but there are so many that are desperate for content anyone can get almost anything published.  A good medical doctor will listen, but they will also try to understand enough about the drug to know whether the claimed side effect is remotely possible because not all side effects will be possible. If they believe blindly that the drug is causing the side effect the patient claims, they could very well miss the real underlying cause of what they are experiencing.

"If you have cancer go for the loving doctor"

So, you want your doctor to be unloving? I had three cardiologists....and the only one that figured out what was really wrong was the super loving one. Love does not mean lack of means you care enough about the person that you look deeper because you CARE. Thank God for this loving doctor......I might not even be here now, if he did not care so much.

I would say 98 percent of the threads and interactions on this forum are subjective based......very little talk of measurements, except when an objectivist drops in to stir the pot.......or a product is discussed that was reviewed on ASR.....etc. So, what is an objectivist doing on this forum? Hardly anyone cares about graphs and blah blah. You certainly cannot have a discussion with an objectivist about what sounds good. It is like a atheist walking into a church and waving a science book in the air and talking real loud about how there is no God as it cannot be measured and proved via science. What purpose is this behavior? Does it make anyone happy? This behavior is NOT loving. Love gives people what they want.....not what you want. People here want better sound. Got any of that? What and who are you glorifying? Life is incredible......we are all beautiful.....may we all see and feel our own worth and beauty.

Let's do the "Summer of Love"  forever!!!!!!

Remember the Troggs?....."Love is all around us".....check it out on Youtube.

@ricevs , I will just have to accept that you pull this loving "crap" when you are losing an argument.

Arguing and winning is what the ego does. How are you helping anyone by your words? Love does not care about winning.....Love simply cares about everyone.

When I was in jr. college I took a class called "marriage and family"......The very first thing the teacher did was to draw a six foot line on the chalkboard....and at the left end he wrote "ego"......on the right end he wrote "agape"......He turned around and said that the further we were to the right on this graph the more happy we would be and the more happy others would be.....I about fell off my chair. This is the bottom line......we choose to live somewhere on that line every moment. The evolution of the soul is just that.......moving to the right......or if you made the line vertical....moving upwards to the light (ever raising our vibration). We are all so blessed. We are the very light ourselves.....the light of light....share it freely with everyone.


Oh boy, another thread taken over by a futile subjective vs objective argument.


I'd only suggest vast majority here subjectivists, we like to experience things for outselves.


I can do initial experiment with Giandel for little initial outlay, lower wattage Giandel, lead acid car battery, cheapo battery charger, some cables. So, I hear improvement  or at least potential, move up, I hear nothing, end of experiment. No big loss of money, and I get to experience rather than listen only to theoreticals. I prefer experiential learning to commands from on high.